It's Possible with the Emirates

Dream Big, Act Fast, Empower. Together, we're defining the culture of the Emirates.

Presenting, A Story of Food. A montage of tales, 'It's Possible' by The Emirates brings together success stories of home grown brands that have made a mark on the regional landscape and contributed to shaping its culture.

And Dibba Bay is proud to be one of them. Until a few years ago, growing gourmet oysters in the desert was unheard of. But thanks to the unique qualities of the waters of the Emirates, which made Arabia world-renowned for its lustrous pearls, our oysters are thriving and they continue to showcase the heritage of the region through their distinctive shells that are synonymous with the legendary white pearls

The success of this project would not have been possible without the support of everyone in our ecosystem, from the community to the local authorities. They enabled us to make the impossible, possible!

So, join us in celebrating the multifaceted, one-of-a-kind diversity of our beautiful nation, it's history and culture.

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