Reef Creation Project

Help us create oyster reefs in Dibba, Northern Fujairah.

Creating Oyster Reefs

Oyster reefs offer a wealth of benefits to the marine environment; they are one of the most ecologically diverse and productive ecosystems on the planet. In collaboration with Fujairah Environmental Authority and Fujairah Research Center the Dibba Bay Reef Creation Project aims to support the growth of native shellfish species in Fujairah.

How to Get Involved

Whether you enjoy Dibba Bay oysters at home, or serve them in your restaurant, you can save your shells for the reef! Cleaned shells can be dropped at one of our shell collection bins at our outlets in Dubai or Fujairah.

Locations below 

- Fishing Harbor 2, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai

- Sheraton JBR, Dubai

- Rul, Dibba

One Shell at a Time

The program involves collecting empty oyster shells from Dibba Bay outlets in Dubai and Fujairah, curing them in Dibba and packing them in non-pollutive gabion cylinders that are 80 cm high. The shell structures are then returned to the ocean in Dibba where they act as substrates to support the settlement of native shellfish, thus providing the building blocks of a vibrant new ocean reef habitat.

Corporate Sponsorship

Get in touch to explore sponsorship opportunities to get your organization involved in this ocean conservation project. Together we can create a legacy of environmental stewardship, innovation, and positive change. Join us on this remarkable journey towards a sustainable future for our oceans.

Official Partner: Breitling

Since the start of our partnership in March 2024, Breitling has been committed to supporting our mission of developing the marine habitat in Fujairah. 

“Breitling’s commitment to protecting our seas began in 1957 when Willy Breitling released the first SuperOcean watch, and establishing “Sea” as one of Breitling’s three brand universes. Breitling is proud to be a partner of Dibba Bay and their oyster reef creation project, as we have a shared mission for a healthy ocean and clean beaches. Our partnership with Dibba Bay allows us to amplify our role and commitment towards protecting the environment, and to inspire others to do the same. ”
-Aed Adwan, Managing Director, Breitling Middle East, India and Africa

Read more about Breitling's sustainability mission here. 

Official Partner: Emirates Diving Association

We are proud to be a part of Emirates Diving Association’s local conversation impact. EDA’s mission is to creating a harmonious and healthy diving environment in the country.

EDA members can contribute a small amount towards the Reef Creation Project when they acquire or renew their membership fee. This donation will go towards building and maintaining the reef.

To participate in their impact plan for Dibba Bay’s Reef Creation Project, visit the EDA website.