Our Farm

Our Farm

The first in the region

The Dibba Bay farm was established in 2016, as the result of several years of testing and planning. While the Middle East is famous for its pearl oysters, edible oysters were not usually renowned for growing in the region.

Edible oysters are a different species, traditionally thought to survive only in colder waters, but with careful farming and meticulous management, our oysters are not only surviving but thriving in the warm waters of Fujairah! These nutrient-rich waters are enabling us to locally produce and deliver a unique world-class product, right to your table.

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Oysters are harvested throughout the entire year



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Oysters exported

A growing export presence in Hong Kong, Maldives, Mauritius and more.


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Across the UAE and Hong Kong

Always Fresh

Year round harvest

Situated in the open ocean, the Dibba Bay farm consists of 9 hectares of offshore concession acreage and champions an ambitious, global, exports lead growth.

The farm is a 90 minutes drive from Dubai and harvesting takes place twice a week, every week, to ensure incredibly fresh oysters are delivered to customers in a regular, reliable and sustainable fashion.

We are proud to be consistently growing exceptional gourmet oysters that can be harvested year-round for the whole world to enjoy.

Growing Conditions

Thanks to the ideal temperatures in the waters and the rich density of food that’s available for most of the year, our oysters have an incredibly fast growth rate, needing only 7 to 9 months to reach adult size. European oysters, in comparison, can take up to 2-3 years to grow to market size, and you would only see growth rates peak in this way in the summer.


How we grow our oysters

  • 1

    Spat (baby oysters) are regularly seeded from our nursery to ensure a year-round supply.

  • 2

    The oysters grow in lantern nets, on subtidal offshore long lines.

  • 3

    Oysters are depurated and cooled to ensure freshness and shelf life.

  • 4

    The oysters are sent to market from Dibba to the world.