Our Story


Inspired by the pearl diving heritage of the UAE

Inspired by the pearl diving heritage of the UAE

In 2016, Ramie Murray, our founder, pioneered the pivot from the traditional Arabian pearl oyster industry to the farming of an edible oyster species.

Thanks to the unique conditions of the ocean, which made Arabia world-renowned for its lustrous white pearls, the Dibba Bay oyster is thriving and continues to showcase the heritage of the region through its distinctive and vibrant white and gold shell. The unique qualities of the waters of the Emirates, which have been historically through the legendary white pearls, now live on through the Dibba Bay oyster shell.

A unique location

Nestled between the extraordinary backdrop of the Hajar Mountains and the glistening Indian Ocean, our farm consists of 9 hectares of offshore concessions, in the pristine waters of Dibba which are home to a diverse marine life and coral reefs. The oysters are grown in extremely clean seawater along a sparsely populated coastline. Our site is relatively shallow but only meters away from extremely deep water off the continental shelf, which allows for an abundance of food to arrive on cool deep-sea currents. Thanks to the purity of the water and the abundance of plankton, our oysters quickly grow into a world-class product with exceptional meat ratio, beautiful clean white shells, and a delicious fresh taste.

A new origin

As many worthwhile endeavours do, Dibba Bay Oysters started as a crazy idea. Could oysters be grown in the waters of the United Arab Emirates? It had never been done before, but we pushed through boundaries and took a leap into the unknown. After an excellent pilot study, we knew that the answer was a resounding yes!

Upon launch, our oysters were an instant triumph amongst the highly discerning and cosmopolitan culinary scene of the Emirates, going shoulder to shoulder with the best imported oysters. It quickly became clear that this new discovery had to be shared with the world; to boldly disrupt the old world established oyster industry with an exciting “new world” oyster origin. We are proud to provide the world with a truly exceptional oyster grown with high-quality standards and the utmost care of the ocean environment. Our oysters are a symbol of possibilities, who knew that such an incredible tasting oyster could thrive off the waters of the United Arab Emirates?

Our mission

To provide the world with a year-round supply of exceptional gourmet oysters while enriching the surrounding marine environment.

Our vision

To become the leading oyster farm in the world, embodying the innovative spirit and energy of the United Arab Emirates by creating a new origin in an established and revered global industry.