Our oysters are harvested 3 times a week, every week of the year.

Sustainable Source

Dibba Bay oysters are farmed in the pristine waters of Dibba in Northern Furjairah in the United Arab Emirates. The oysters are sustainably farmed, without the use of any antibiotics, chemicals, or feed.

We are Friend of the Sea certified for Sustainable Aquaculture, which translates to compliance with water quality parameters, complete traceability of our product, social accountability & continuous improvement of water & energy management.

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Traceable by Design

Traceability is baked into the farming process at Dibba Bay.

Our packs come with an information label, complete with a unique code, granting you comprehensive traceability for our oysters. This code provides insights into various stages of the oysters' journey – from the specific lantern in which they were farmed, to the designated tank where they underwent depuration. This level of meticulous tracking has been put in place to guarantee transparency and to ensure freshness and food safety throughout the farming process and supply chain.

Download Certifications

We are proud to showcase our commitment to quality and sustainability through a trio of prestigious certifications: HACCP, ISO, and Friend of the Sea.

Friend of the Sea HACCP ISO