How To Shuck

  • 1

    Hold the oyster flat side up or lay it down on a kitchen board (for extra protection wear a shucking glove or use a kitchen towel to hold the oyster in place on the board), and take your oyster knife in the other hand

  • 2

    Place the tip of your knife into the hinge (bottom) of the oyster at 45 degree angle

  • 3

    Wiggle your knife from side to side gently, once you feel that the knife is securely inside you can turn it as though you are turning key

  • 4

    When the shell pops, slowly slide the knife around the whole top shell to completely cut off the adductor muscle. Make sure the blade of the knife is facing away from you

  • 5

    Scrape the knife under the muscle against the shell and flip the meat to make sure it is loose

  • 6

    Ready to slurp!

How To Shuck