Dibba Bay Oyster Reef Creation Project

We are creating oyster reefs in Dibba, Northern Fujairah

We are proud to announce the launch of the Dibba Bay Oyster Reef Creation Project. This ambitious initiative seeks to create a 700 m structure to rejuvenate and protect marine ecosystems in Dibba, Northern Fujairah, UAE by recycling oyster shells to build oyster reefs.

In collaboration with the Fujairah Environmental Authority and the Fujairah Research Centre, the Dibba Bay Oyster Reef Creation Project is geared towards nurturing the growth of native shellfish species in Dibba. The primary focus of this initiative is to establish marine ecosystems and habitats while providing a dedicated area for conducting essential environmental research, including activities such as monitoring native shellfish populations and coral seeding.

The project involves collecting recycled Dibba Bay oyster shells, curing them at the farm, and packing them in non-pollutive gabion cylinders that are 80 cm high. The shell structures are then returned to the ocean in Dibba where they act as substrates to support the settlement of marine life, thus providing the building blocks of vibrant new ocean reef habitat. 

Our founder, Ramie Murray emphasized on the importance of these structures, stating, " Oyster reefs have long been recognized as vital ecosystems for marine biodiversity, playing a crucial role in maintaining water quality, providing habitat for various aquatic species, and protecting coastlines from erosion. By diverting used oyster shells from landfills and using them to build oyster reefs, we can make a significant positive impact on the health of our oceans."

The Dibba Bay Oyster Reef Creation Project not only involves the careful collection of oysters from Dibba Bay outlets in Dubai but will also engage partner hotels and restaurants in Dubai and Fujairah, inviting them to join the effort to donate their empty Dibba Bay oyster shells. This is an open call for hotels and restaurants who wish to partner in the project to reach out to info@dibbabay.com. There are also corporate sponsorship opportunities available for those who want to contribute to the build and maintenance of the reef. For consumers, we have allocated shell recycling bins at Dibba Bay outlets in Dubai & Fujairah where you can drop off your oyster shells. Dibba Bay is also offering a shell collection service when you order for home delivery.

Ramie further explained, "We believe in the power of community involvement. By partnering with our hotel and restaurant clients as well as our direct customers, we can expand the reach of our project and inspire more people to take an active role in preserving our coastal ecosystems.”

The Dibba Bay Oyster Reef Creation Project represents a significant pillar in our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable seafood practices. It aligns with our mission to provide consumers with a sustainably farmed oyster while simultaneously giving back to the marine environment that sustains us.

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