Creative oyster dressings from around the globe

Our sea-salty bivalves are delicious on their own, and they're even better with innovative ingredients!

Who knew there were so many ways to dress an oyster! Leading chefs from across the globe are pouring their knowledge and creativity into exciting dishes with innovative ingredients.

Here are some of the ways chefs, restaurants, and oyster enthusiasts have decided to serve our oysters, each displaying their own unique culinary identity. 

BOCA, Dubai

Chef Matthijs Stinnissen

Toby Davies

Chef Ray Wong

Chef Giovanni Ledon

Mistero Supper Club

Chef Cláudio Cardoso

Antonello Manca

Address Beach Resort, Fujairah

Cath Berunia

Chef Saahil Joseph

Hilton RAK Beach Resort

Max Strait

Georgiy Danilov

Chef Bobby Geetha

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