Restaurants Participating in the Dibba Bay Oyster Festival

We've collaborated with some notable restaurants around the UAE for this year's oyster festival where you can get special oyster offers and menus for 10 days from February 16th to 25th :

  • Boca, DIFC : Get special prices per shuck starting at 3 oysters for 50 AED on offer with the perfect pairing of bubbles for just 68 AED a glass.


  • Lowe, Koa Canvas: try the festival special of lightly poached Dibba Bay oysters, chowder, crisp sourdough, local potato, mirepoix, with herb oil.




  • Alici, Bluewaters: A Champagne pairing is available on weekdays from 5pm to 8pm; get 3 Dibba Bay oysters with a glass of Champagne for just AED 99.



  • Lila Taqueria, Jumeirah 3: Enjoy lightly smoked oak Dibba Bay oysters, served with herby green chimichurri, and a drizzle of first-pressed Syrian olive oil.



  • BB social, DIFC: try the Duo of Dibba Bay oysters: tempura oyster with wasabi mayonnaise & apricot jam along with a raw oyster served with green salsa.



  • The Guild, Icd Brookfield Place:  Get the chef's special of Dibba bay oyster, pickled cucumber , kombu cured tomato water, olive oil caviar, fermented jalapeños.


  • Zero Gravity: Showcasing an exclusive menu for the festival, try options like oyster Thermidore with Caviar , Chilli Garlic Butter Oysters , Dynamite oysters & Truffled Oysters.


  • SLS Dubai: get exclusive Dibba Bay oyster dishes throughout the festival at SLS restaurants.


  • Fiya, Keturah Reserve: Try the festival exclusive "Wagyu Fat Oyster Flambé"
    -Oyster flambé with wagyu fat over their flambadou; green apple, shallot & jalapeño vinaigrette sauce and calamansi


  • Fire Lake, Radisson Blu: Get the 10 Bucks a Shuck deal and add a glass of Prosecco for 60 AED or Finish the bottle for 280 AED!


  • Kinoya, The Greens: Order the limited edition grilled oysters with crab butter, dashi, clam jus, daikon, shiso leaf with a squueze of lemon.






  • Dubai Offshore Sailing Club: Get a platter of a dozen oysters with a choice of mignonette sauce raspberry, mint & and black pepper granita, or mango coriander salsa.


  • Ewaan, Palace Beach Resort Fujairah: Try Dibba Bay oysters grilled or baked Rockefeller style. Otherwise go for half a dozen fresh shucks paired with a glass of Rose for just 98 AED.


  • Address Beach Resort Fujairah: Indulge in the special oyster menu at Salia which includes oyster ceviche and bakes oysters. Or go for the special 15 AED fresh shucks with a raspberry mignonette at The Restaurant.



  • Get your hands on the special festival oyster boxes that will be available at Spinneys, Carrefour, Waitrose and Geant only from February 16th to 25th


Stay tuned for more outlets to be announced soon!

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