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As many worthwhile endeavors do, Dibba Bay Oysters started as a crazy idea. Could oysters be grown in the waters of the Arabian Gulf? It had never been tried before, but we now know the answer is a resounding yes!

Dibba Bay Farm was established in 2016 and was the culmination of several years of testing and planning. Although the Middle East is famous for Pearl Oysters, edible Oysters are a different species that have traditionally been thought to only thrive in colder waters, but with careful care and meticulous management our oysters are not just surviving but thriving in the warm and food-rich waters of Fujairah, enabling us to produce a world class and distinctive product.


The genesis of Dibba Bay Farm was a speculative pilot study in the Gulf of Oman in early 2014, based on a theory that the local conditions offered a perfect opportunity for sustainable and environmentally-friendly oyster farming. Based on the successful completion of the pilot project, Dibba Bay Farm was established in 2016 and the first harvest commenced in the early summer of 2017.

Our Oysters

Our meaty and flavorful oysters have a distinct and delicious taste, and are loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals, including B12, zinc and vitamin C. They are particularly nutritious due to their high meat content, low fat and freshness. If you’ve only ever tasted imported oysters, we’d love for you to try Dibba Bay oysters and experience the difference.

Dibba Bay oysters are grown in extremely clean seawater along a sparsely populated coastline. Our site is relatively shallow but only meters away from extremely deep water off the continental shelf which allows for an abundance of food to arrive on cool deep sea currents. Due to the purity of the water and the abundance of plankton our oysters quickly grow into a world class product with exceptional meat ratio, beautiful clean white shells and a delicious fresh taste.

Dibba Bay Oysters represent the best of farm-to-table produce, with twice-weekly harvests ensuring that consumers receive Oysters that are as fresh as they can be. Support your local farm by buying a world-class gourmet product that’s also good for you!

Our Process

Dibba Bay Oysters are farmed with the utmost attention to detail, quality and environmental sustainability. We operate to the highest international standards at every stage of the farming and harvesting process.

Unique Location

The charming agricultural town of Dibba nestles in the shadow of the rugged Musandam Peninsula, between the stark beauty of the Hajar Mountains and the clear, azure waters of the Gulf of Oman. Dibba has a rich heritage of fishing and agriculture, with a thriving fish market, date farms and citrus orchards. 

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East Coast Shellfish llc has a diverse, professional and energetic team. We are always interested in hearing from qualified aquaculture professionals who may be interested in a new challenge, including experienced farm managers and offshore marine divers. We also have opportunities for internships for individuals currently engaged in undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the fields of aquaculture or marine biology. Please email careers@dibbabay.com if you are interested in exploring opportunities with us. Please attach your CV and clearly state your target role in the Subject Line. We will contact you if your profile is of interest.

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The founder of East Coast Shellfish, Ramie Murray, is a living legend. He lives among the oysters and barnacles and I'm pretty sure has salt water in his veins. But seriously the guy bleeds and sweats passion for what he does and you can really feel it in his product. Dibba Bay oysters, for me as a chef, totally stand up strong against even the biggest names on the market right now for oysters. The freshness, quality, and consistency are really unmatched especially in an import fueled market like Dubai. It's really refreshing to have something locally produced, so unique and honestly just plain good.I had the pleasure of experiencing his whole operation. Right up to jumping off his boat and checking on the oyster nets first hand and I think it's that closeness and craftsmanship that really makes Dibba Bay something special.

Head Chef
Traiteur, Park Hyatt Dubai